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REXROTH DR 6 DP1-5X/25Y R900469278 Pressure reducing valve

No Yes
High Capacity | 1 Ri Complete with Outer

REXROTH Z2FS 22-8-3X/SV R900474580 Throttle check valve

Alloy Steel - heat t CF
Unlubricated 1.5620 in

REXROTH Z2FS 16-8-3X/SV R900470529 Throttle check valve

Split Pillow Block 3250 RPM
7.3125 in 3.7500 in

REXROTH Z2FS 10-5-3X/ R900989095 Throttle check valve

Flat Tapered Rollers
Plain 30 mm

REXROTH Z2FS 22-8-3X/S2 R900443176 Throttle check valve

16.5000 in Four-Bolt Base
Exxon Ronex MP greas Solid Pillow Block

REXROTH Z2FS 22-8-3X/S R900456783 Throttle check valve

0.750 in Carbon Steel - corro
0.875 in 52100 Bearing Steel

REXROTH Z2FS 16-8-3X/S R900459203 Throttle check valve

Unlubricated Male Threaded
1.375 in No Fitting

REXROTH Z2FS 22-8-3X/S2V R900468786 Throttle check valve

0.65 N/mm2 x m& Polyphenylene Sulfid
2.5 m/s -76 to +392 &de

REXROTH DBW 20 B1-5X/200-6EG24N9K4 R900935659 Pressure relief valve

FAG R173.13

REXROTH Z2FS 16-8-3X/S2 R900457256 Throttle check valve

Solid Pillow Block 3.1250 in
Lubrication Fitting Non-Expansion Bearin

REXROTH DB 20-2-5X/315 R900593530 Pressure relief valve

60 mm WRP606636
60x66x36 36